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Estate Manager

Empower your people with the knowledge required to excel in maintenance management and client satisfaction

Our Estate Manager Software Solution provides advanced systems monitoring and facility/maintenance management in one integrated client-focused solution


When You Need Light

Lighting means much more to us with our lifestyles and architectural designs than ever before. Light is about supporting and reinforcing our Outdoor/Indoor lifestyles. Supplementing change and variation in the light spectrum and intensity through the course of the day and our living environment. Complementing your Circadian Rhythms by ensuring your property is in balance with nature and follows the daily and seasonal cycles of the outdoor environment.

  • Light Sensitivity and Sensory Processing Disorder

  • Experts in Lighting Control

  • Cutting Edge Dali Solutions

  • Landscape Solutions, with Events

When You Need To Relax

Home Cinemas are more than viewing areas; they are a destination for Excitement & Hollywood Theatrics. Entering your Cinema will give you a sense of Excitement and Luxury, whilst the Sound Stage and Acoustic Design should leave you Breathless. Eyes popping out on storks from the visual experience culminating in a Sensory as well as a physical experience.

  • Hollywood Releases Direct to you on the “DAY”, they are released.

  • Cutting Edge Cinema Design

  • Acoustic Treatments Design

  • The Latest Sound Stage Design


When You Need Privacy

We are able to offer State of the Art Operation and Design Solutions to any size of property or properties. With advanced live diagnostics your shades will always be in synchronization.

  • Automated Energy / Heat Harvesting

  • Ensuring you have the right Light Levels during your day.

  • Adaptability to Seasonal Cycles

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When You Entertain

COVID Lockdowns have reinvented the way we think about and use our spaces in our homes. They have to adapt to bring people together for a multitude of uses and events by being flexible and luxurious. Theatrical in design, flexible in being able to host a party while being advanced enough to offer the very best of Cinema, Audio experiences, Integrating your Jukebox, Bowling alley and Retro Arcade Games experience into your Entertainment room.


When things go wrong?

You should know before anyone else if there is a problem and certainly before the equipment has to be used. Now you can have Estate Monitoring of equipment throughout the world with the ability to have Diagnostics & Reporting at your fingertips. We have developed a comprehensive Monitoring and Modular Maintenance software suite that puts you in control with the latest Data and Compliance information.

  • Maintenance Planning, Actioning & Reporting

  • Compliance Planning & Reporting

  • Area, Equipment specific information and RAMS.

  • Asset Tracking & Client Information Reporting

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